General responsibility of the Council

The general mission of the Council shall be to ensure that its members provide quality and reliable services as far as the veterinary profession is concerned.

In this regard:

1° The Council shall establish the code of ethics in relation to the veterinary profession and ensure its compliance ;

2° The Council shall ensure self-respect, integrity and professional secrecy of its members.

Specific mission

Specific mission of the Council shall be the following:
1° to control entry of persons into practice of the profession, set professional conditions for admission and decide on applications for the practice of the profession;
2° to ensure that all members comply with the rules, standards and code of ethics of veterinary profession;
3° to be responsible for the honor and dignity of the veterinary profession;
4° to protect and promote the interest of the veterinary profession;
5° to resolve conflicts and settle disputes that may arise between a member of the Council and his/her client;
6° to monitor and exercise disciplinary measures over the members of the Council;
7° to participate in the development of curricula and teaching programs for veterinary doctors, veterinary technicians and other animal husbandry experts ;
8° to regularly train the members of the Council and assist those that have just finished their studies to get experience in
the profession;
9° to intervene in cases requiring the expertise of veterinary doctors ;
10° to cooperate with regional and international Councils.
A Ministerial Order of the Minister in charge of veterinary medicine shall establish rules and principles relating to morality, values, organization and the practice of veterinary profession.