Inspection Requirements

Terms of Reference for the Team in Charge of Veterinary Inspection for RCVD

  • Background

In the framework of the enforcement of the Law N° 56/2013 of 09/08/2013 establishing Rwanda Council of Veterinary Doctors and determining its mission, organization and functioning, especially in its articles 6, 7, 34, 46 and 47 ;

In order also to accelerate the improvement of the quality of the services offered by veterinary professionals and paraprofessionals in Rwanda, RCVD put in place a Team in charge of the implementation of this exercise.

  • Main functions of the Team

The main functions of the Team will consist in the following :

  • Check across the country if the veterinary professionals and para-professionals in practice are regularly registered by the Council ;
  • Ensure that the veterinary professionals and para-professionals in practice are complying with rules, standards and code of ethics of the veterinary profession ;
  1. Take immediate measures against veterinary professionals and para-professionals in illegal practice ;
  2. To propose strategies aimed at improving better quality veterinary services ;
  • Submit to the Executive Secretary cases encountered in the exercise of its assignments which require to be submitted to the RCVD commission in charge of discipline ;
  • Report on weekly basis to the Executive Secretary and whenever necessary ;
  • Any other duties assigned by Executive Secretary related to Veterinary inspection.
  • Institutions / Organizations targeted by the inspection

Abattoirs, Animal feeds factories, Banks, Boards, Dairy sector (MCCs, Dairy plants, …), Federations, Insurance companies, NGOs, Organizations/Institutions, Vet pharmacies, Service providers, Supermarkets, Veterinary clinics, …